First Resurrection

In anticipation of Our Lord’s Holy and Glorious Resurrection that we will celebrate this midnight, take a moment to watch the miracle of the Holy Light come again this year. Even though, as we know, the date of Pascha changes every year, the Light comes on the correct day and time every year – around 1pm on Holy Saturday.

Click on the video below of this miracle taken earlier today proclaiming Our Savior’s triumph over death. Also, read a brief summary of this event below.

The Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem is the site where this miracle occurs. A heavenly flame comes forth inside the Holy Sepulcher and is distributed to the people by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. Prior to the coming of the Light, the tomb is thoroughly searched by Israeli soldiers for any type of incendiary devices and is sealed upon their exit.  The Patriarch is thoroughly searched also before being allowed to enter the tomb.  The Patriarch enters alone and kneels in the darkness before the stone slab table until the the Light comes forth and he is able to light his 33 candles from it.

 Often, even before the Patriarch emerges from the tomb with the Light, the Light flashes and sparkles, bounces and flies through the church. Pilgrims’ candles and church oil lamps ignite spontaneously all through the crowd of waiting believers.

The light burns without burning and pilgrims bathe in the flames as a blessing. By God’s grace this miracle occurred again today in Jerusalem. The crown chants over and over while awaiting the Light, “We are the Christians, this we have been for centuries and this we shall be for ever and ever. Amen!”

And please take a minute to read our Metropolitan Ephraim’s first resurrection icon         Paschal Encyclical here in English, Greek and Russian.

Metropolitan Ephraim Paschal Encyclical English

Metropolitan Ephraim Paschal Encyclical Greek

Metropolitan Ephraim Paschal Encyclical Russian