Great and Holy Week


Holy Week Services at Saint Anna’s Agony

Presanctified Liturgy – 8 am
Bridegroom Matins – 7pm
Presanctified Liturgy – 8 am
          Service of Holy Unction – 7 pm
Matins, Vespers, Liturgy – 7 am
Matins w/ Reading of Twelve Gospels – 7pm
Directly following services, we will decorate the Epitaphios/bier
Royal Hours, Vespers with Epitaphios, Presanctified Liturgy – 10:30 am
Matins with Lamentations, Procession – 7pm
Vespers with 15 Old Testament readings and Liturgy – 12 noon
Altar cloths will be changed from purple to white directly following liturgy
Midnight Office, Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy – 11:30 pm
Blessing of Pascha baskets after the Liturgy followed by Paschal Trapeza

See the Weekly Schedule of Services for schedules for the monastery and convent.

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